UGP Launch at Adrenalina


On January 26th UGP launched its line at Adrenalina in the Florida Mall in Orlando, FL. Adrenalina is an extreme sports oriented shop with a skate ramp themed decor to make you feel right at home.

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AdrenalinaBMX team riders [Chad DeGroot] and [Kip Williamson] and Wake team riders [Ryan Doyle], [Kyle Alberts], [Stef Tor], [Renee Jaquess], [Sonja Scheffler], [Kyle Hyams], [Bret Smith], and myself were there to sign autographs and mingle with customers. Chad and Kip had a 12 x 15 foot roped off area to put on a flat land demo and manged to put on a great show as mall patrons walked by with such limited space. It was a rare mall session for the two flatlanders. Most of the wake team riders sessioned the standing wave that Adrenalina has tucked into one side of the store. I took a beating since it was my first time and I think Kyle Alberts put it best…”its a humbling experience”. The Adrenalina Team Riders showed us how to actually ride the wave with a combination of spins, shuvits and other skate variations. Amazing! The UGP staff was also available to answer any questions and add their support.

AdrenalinaAdrenalina plans to open another shop in Miami and eventually expand to more stores all over the nation as the new ones settle in. Next time your in the Mall check out the line and pick up a pair of our new board shorts so you can rip around on their standing wave. It’s definitely something your should experience once before you kick the bucket.

AdrenalinaAdrenalinaFlow riding at AdrenalinaFlow riding at AdrenalinaUGP at AdrenalinaUGP at Adrenalina

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UGP at Adrenalina
UGP at Adrenalina
Photos from UGP’s product launch at Adrenalina

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