UGP flatland demos for Adrenalina

Photos by Kyle Schmidt
Story by Kip Williamson

Kip at Adrenalina[Chad DeGroot] and myself did a flatland demo a couple of Saturdays ago for a new store called Adrenalina which carries the UGP line pretty hardcore! If you ever wanted to find a killer store that has a wave pool, has a complete bike shop, and carries the UGP line, head to the Florida Mall in Orlando and check out Adrenalina. It’s a chain of stores starting to pop up all over the US, and it’s a nice change of pace to see action sports make their way into the mall with such an impressive and massive store. From the minute we showed up the staff was very helpful and super friendly! The original plan was to ride in the store, but when we showed up, the set up was in the main hallway where you walk into the store.

[More on the demos and more pictures after the break.]

steamrollerAfter moving the roped off area and making it twice the size the mall had allowed for us, we started getting used to the fairly slick tile. It was actually a pretty good surface and flat, so after a couple minutes of warm up, and a few slips on the floor here and there, we started to bust! Chad hadn’t been on his flatland bike very much recently as he was fresh off his LA trip and had gotten back in town the night before. However I saw Chad pull hitchhikers and backpackers to name a few tricks you shouldn’t be able to do in the area we had. Chad is one of the best ever, and has so much skill as a flatland rider it’s ridiculous!

After signing a bunch of autographs with some of the wakeboard team riders, and putting some smiles on some faces, we headed for home, and I got a 3 hour session in afterwards to cleanse my system of the flashy moves I had thrown down hours earlier. Ha Ha! Keep an eye out for some UGP flatland demos at other ADRENALINA stores and other fine UGP dealers around the country! Peace!

No handed hang 10hip packer at Adrenalina demoChad and Ryan at AdrenalinaUGP cowboy

Check out the 2/9/2008 post on the UGP launch at Adrenalina that went down the same day.

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