Tom Breaks his Chain

Tom HaugenI’d say the worst sound you can ever hear while riding a bike is that initial SNAP when your chain breaks. When you’re pedaling full speed at a sub box, like I was two weeks ago at the Mesh park, and you hear that unmistakable sound you know you are either A) going
to the hospital or B) sitting on the couch for a long while.

Tom HaugenFortunately, I was stuck with the latter, spraining both my wrists, and knocking myself out real good. It could have been so much worse—I got a late Christmas present. Having not touched my bike for days or even being sure I’d be able to ride, I flew to Kansas City and met up with Jon Shaw and Joe Scarborough and we drove to Lincoln, Nebraska for a college basketball halftime show. The show went well, local rider Karl Hinkley joined us and rode flawlessly.

Next week I’m in Kansas City doing demos at the World of Wheels. More pics to come from there next time….

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