Sieg serves it up

Dan SiegSo there has been a lot going on with me lately but at the same time really not much of anything important. However, I’m going to tell you about it anyway! Been riding some street a couple times a week lately and taking advantage of the amazing weather NC has been having. I wouldn’t really say I’m getting crazy or anything but it’s fun to cruise around and manual ledges, as I’m sure you are all very aware of. My roommate JC is from New Mexico originally and he is the guy I’ve been riding with. He is up at 8 am every morning and riding by 9 or something. I usually meet up with him around 12 and by then he is absolutely shredding! It’s a new perspective for me for sure.

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Trhee dancer chicks at the UVA halftime show Quinn and Sieg didI’ve been home in Greenville for 3 weeks or so and have to say I’ve been getting a bit stir crazy up until last night where I started my first “real job” in like 4 years. I work the door at a bar downtown called Lucky’s. It’s a country/coyote ugly style place with chicks dancing on the bar to certain songs and all that. It’s pretty laid back and super easy. Not to mention being sober and seeing all the crazy stuff that goes on inside a bar at night is also a new perspective on things. I’m pretty pumped on it for sure. I work again tonight and I’ll be reporting back to the website here with any cool/random/wild bar stories to tell.

Sieg's grandma at Christmas...maybeOther than that… I’ve been riding at Mirra’s warehouse quite a bit as well as Jaycee Park. Been learning some new stuff… nothing crazy but definitely fun. Fake up a tranny to whip and spinning 720’s into foam. I swear 720’s have always been a trick that wouldn’t ever click in my head. And then the other day riding with Dave we were trying to dip our front ends down on some 360’s and I started spinning 540’s. So then I went with it and I think I may have figured it out finally.

Anyway, I’m done babbling! Attached are some pictures of a couple pillows my lady made for my bed. She had some old UGP shirts of mine and turned them into this. Pretty cool I thought. Til next time!!! Word up!

Sieg's home-made vintage UGP pillowsHere are a few photos actually. One is of my grandma at Christmas… kidding. Or am I? The other is of 3 dancer chicks at the UVA halftime show [Quinn Semling] and I did a few weeks ago. The one on the left didn’t know any of our names or a single thing about us. We exchanged about 2 words total and she somehow managed to find me on Myspace! Crazy? If a guy did that and found a girl like that online he’d be a total creeper. But if a girl does it… PUMPED!!! Funny how that works huh?

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