Ryan Dole Finally Goes Home

Ryan Doyle and friends on the lift in Canada

What up everybody,

I’ve been living in Florida for about four years now, no snow and spending major holidays with friends. So this year I decided to go home to Ontario Canada to play in the snow and chill with my family for Christmas. I was greeted by a winter wonderland. Everyone kept telling me that this is the best snow in years, so I took advantage. I cruised over to Orr Lake to meet up with my buddy Nick Harlos and his wife Caroline to go snowboarding. He all went to the hill and hit up the park for hours. I charged hard and got put down hard all part of a good day of riding just like old times. Living in Florida all this time has been great but it was really nice to spend the holidays in the snow with my family.

Skate straight,
[Ryan Doyle]

Ryan Doyle back in CanadaRyan Doyle back in CanadaRyan Doyle back in Canada

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