Love Hate Choppers

Marlowe BThe new Love Hate Tattoos and Choppers (Miami Ink) shops are finally done. If everything works out, we should start filming the new season in it pretty soon. I’m sending you pictures so you guys can check it out. We also added UGP to our sponsor link page on our web page. Me and Ami are getting ready for our tour—we are doing with the Seminole Hard Rock Tour starting with Daytona Bike Week in 2 weeks.

Shots from Ami and Marlowe's new shopCycle Source Magazine has rented Stone Hedge skatepark during bike week to do a chopper show. I will be dusting off the ramp skills. We also got hooked up by the Beard on a recent trip to Ohio to ride a Failure. Magoo also hooked me up with Snafu. I haven’t ridden any other bike other than MCS in 23 years, so I’m stoked. My new bike is so rad. In kid news, my 7 year old Jet- Li kicked butt at the Coral Spring Qualifier, wining all 10 motos for the weekend. I’m including coverage he got from My 6 year old daughter Kinley took all thirds. And my 11 year old Kai took fifths.

Check out Love Hate Choppers.

MCS's Jet-Li Buelvas took command of the 7 Rookie class winning all of his motos and mains all weekendPress shot for Ami James' and Marlowe B's Love Hate Tattoos and ChoppersShots from Ami and Marlowe's new shopShots from Ami and Marlowe's new shop

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