Kyle Hyams Update – Southern Swing – Day 4

We started off our day with a hearty breakfast, followed by checking out one of Danny Hampson’s old spots. Nothing was going on there so we went back to his house, skated his concrete wave in the backyard, packed up and headed out. Before we left the Keys Danny took us by another lake-sized body of salt water. With calm conditions, and great scenery, we broke out the winch and I unleashed some trickery for the cameras. We then ventured westward… waaaaaayyyy westward, deep into the Everglades. It was pitch black by the time we got to the campsite Brian Soderlind mapped out. The federal land he knew of was in a tiny, tiny town in the middle of nowhere. That place is pretty scary at night to be honest and I do not recommend visiting. We set up the tents next to this giant, abandoned crane and prayed that we would get through the night.


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