Hollywood Wants Mark

Mark Mulville with Chad DeGroot...and a pigAfter flying from Orlando to Washington DC then DC to L.A. we’re finally in Cali for [Chad DeGroot] and me to meet with [James Foster] and [Adam Baker]. It was my first time so I wanted to do and see everything. So after getting a rental we had some time to kill and drove up into Hollywood which was cool to see all the sites and things going on during the day. We then headed to Keith Mulligan’s house. I walked in and looked to my side and saw a pig sitting there haha and then remembered that Keith told us he had a pet pig. It was awesome, just chilled like a dog and did dog tricks. Just a cool thing to see right into Cali.

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Mark MulvilleMark MulvilleNext day we went off and rode sevadras trails and they were also a good first spot to ride in Cali. It seemed like everyone had damn good times, and I know I did at the trails. Watching Mike ride them was sweet. He’s got that place soo dialed and it was awesome to see him; everything else there was awesome as well to watch. It started to rain after a good amount of hours at the trails so we all just headed our ways to eat and chill and do whatever.

The next day was a wild one for sure. We stayed in Hollywood and woke up kinda early to go tape Fuel TV’s Daily Habit show, which seemed to turn out pretty good. I was nervous but Adam and Chad seemed to do fine while the show was taped. We then went to hidden valley trails, which I was excited about cause I would always see clips from those trails in old videos and it was just cool to go and ride them a bit. The best part of hidden valley was Aaron Bostrom meeting us there, cool too cause we stayed at his house that night too. Aaron’s an awesome dude and so is everyone who came over to his house that night and hung out for a few hours. Thanks for some good times….

Mark Mulville at Ride BMXThis next day was also a damn good one. We went to the Ride BMX office first off and just hung out did some shit, took some bike checks and stuff, just a good time hanging with those guys and seeing the place. after the Ride office it was to the final stop on the trip, which was for sure the banger spot and the best place to end a trip. We met up with biz, Brett Walker, and Heath Pinter to get some food then headed out to the trails… I don’t really know why they are at the guy’s house but the owner of the place plays for the New England Patriots and is going to the Super Bowl which is making me want them to
win it.

Well, that’s besides the point…. It was awesome showing up there and seeing a ton of bad ass dudes just chillen and riding the jumps, super fun to watch and ride with them. I for sure want to thank Heath a lot for letting us go out there and ride and shoot some stuff, also thanks to the football star, and wish him good luck in the Super Bowl. That’s the trip, cause the next day we flew home…. So, much more happened, but that’s the short story.
Mark and Chad at the 'Hoff's Hollywood starMark with a statue of ElvisMark Mulville with James Foster, Adam Baker, and Chad DeGroot at Fuel TVMulville getting picked up by Adam Baker

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