Fuel night out for Mark n Chad

Shady cam shotUGP would like to send a huge thanks to everyone that showed their faces (almost 45 people) at the Winghouse for the premiere of [Mark Mulville] and [Chad DeGroot] on Fuel’s Daily Habit on Feb 5th. The waitress might not work there anymore cause of all the crap she got from everyone, but who cares; she was a pain in more than a few ways, but we all had fun.

Shady cam 2We took control of all the TV’s, turned them all to 11, and drank n ate. Some people did slam some mayonnaise packets, or ate the kids meals. Serious crazy turn out. Thanks again everyone. Enjoy the pics, more than a few people in these photos are rock stars…. Look out Bret Michaels, we are doing our own reality show soon, gonna stomp yours. Thanks to Fuel TV and UGP.

B-ball star at 5 monthsBig Daddy Chaddy n SuperCooperCorrine, Tracy, Eve with her mouth openBryce, Dayna, more of the crewTim, Brad, Sab, and all the ladiesMark, Bryce, Chad, and little Cooper red eyed from being up so late

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