Fuel, Electronical, and an art show

I’m back from L.A., it was a short trip to be on Fuel’s “Daily Habit” show. We talked about my new album and I played a little bit of a song from that, my sig colorway shoe from DuFFS, and my Eastern bikes cross eye’d wolf tee, filming for the two video parts “FthisS” and “Electronical” and last but not least a picture of me in my underwear wearing a storm trooper mask.

Adam playing a song from his new albumPremiere of Odyssey's Fuel TV interviewed the team at the premiere of Odyssey's Premiere of Odyssey's

Thanks Chad. The Odyssey premiere was awesome and Buaer knows how to put on a party for a straight edge dude. Tons of people came and it was great to see faces that I haven’t talked to in a long time. Jeff Z’s art show was there and amazing too. I’ve been riding a bit more since the weather has been 55 degrees. Reno sucks for street though.

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