Frostbike was colddd

UGP booth at Frost BikeI’m back from the frozen north area know as Minnesota, or Frostbike, for the QBP convention. I went with UGP, but did a lot of hanging out at the everyone’s booths. This was a tolerable mini-Interbike. They were dialed, fed us, and had shuttles and service fo whatever we needed.

Todd was nice enough to drive me to a skatepark, 3rd Lair. They said they were not busy, and it was a skate night. So we get there and there are 50 skaters and no bikes allowed. Somehow we worked it out and the dodging and weaving began…. The hotel we were staying at was wild as it gets. There was a Shriners meeting, some Viking look-a-like contest, and wanna-be Scottish bands dressed and playing bagpipes with no underwear.

Read on after the break for the full details on what went down (and a bunch more pics)….

Sorry, guys, no guns allowedWe made snow angels, ate at TGI Fridays 3 times in 2 days, sang like we were Scottish, had to check out guns at the front desk, and slid down the ski jump each night just for fun. Thanks QBP, UGP, Profile (Charlie), 3rd Lair, Todd and everyone for a great time, and a huge thanks for everyone that stopped by the UGP booth. See ya next year for sure.

UGP booth at Frost BikeUGP booth at Frost BikeUGP booth at Frost BikeUGP booth at Frost BikeBen and Chad at the UGP booth

Frost Bike
Frost Bike
UGP at the 2008 Frost Bike trade show


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