Freimuth Simpel Session update

Dave Freimuth nosepickGot back from Estonia a week ago already…. finally getting my head out of my jetlagged/absinthe induced fog. Shit was nuts as predicted. I’ve been hearing about the Simpel Session Comp from Osato for almost 4 years now, and I’ve been trying to go for almost as long. Finally, this year it happened.

EstoniaIt just so happen to be the year that it happened for 96 other Pros as well. Holy shit, that’s a big Pro street class. My goal was top 40. I ended up riding fairly well and pulled down a satisfying 34th place. Povah took a cool pic of a nosepick I did in qualifying that I posted on the Colony BMX site.

Belly dancers in EstoniaThe other photos are of some belly dancers at a sweet restaurant that we sessioned daily, a cool/chilly/snowy shot of Old Town, [Catfish] enjoying a flaming hot shot of Absinthe, an over toothpick and back that Wessel shot of me during practice, Catfish’s California imports Jessica and Ashley with their signs they made for the finals, a “please don’t shit or piss near the subway” sign, and [Brian Kachinsky] got in my face trying to get me to do another shot of Absinthe so I went to pop him one and punched out the mirror instead! Take it!

Catfish has some absintheJessica and Ashley with signs'Please do not shit or piss' signDave Freimuth (accidentally) punches the mirror

Last weekend Thompson, Patie and I sessioned Chuck E. Cheese, and yes Thompson is a bit of a cheater at Basketball. Afterwards my buddy Chadwick and I hit up our local Rollerderby!!! Shit was too much fun. Hot chicks in short skirts getting gnarly, love it! I should have a video done from what I filmed in Estonia sometime this weekend. Check back hourly just so you don’t miss it! Later.

At Chuck. E. Cheese with Thompson and PatieRollerderbyRollerderby

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