Check out Tony on Fuel’s Daily Habit

Tony MaloufThis week, two of our riders are featured on Fuel’s The Daily Habit. [Adam Banton] was on last night, and [Tony Malouf] is on tomorrow, Wednesday, February 27th! Remember, The Daily Habit airs at 9:00pm Eastern/Pacific and then again the next day at 12:00am ET, 8:30am ET, and 3:00pm ET. This is from FUEL TV’s schedule:

This week on FUEL TV’s The Daily Habit:
Tony Malouf, Wednesday 2.27.08

Tony MaloufToday’s show is out of this world with UGP BMX team rider Tony Malouf. Plus, a performance from the alternative, punk rockers Bayside. Also, Jordan goes to the premiere of “Be Kind Rewind” and challenges Jack Black to a third and final round of Black Jack. Tony Malouf’s sponsors include: UGP and Sputnic.


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