Sieg needs a nurse

No real great news this month. Just taking it easy with a hand injury. I bruised it last month and it’s been bothering me ever since. I’m sure if you ride you know the injury I’m talking about…. It feels OK until you fall on it and then it starts all back over again. PAIN!

Other than that… the Standard video is finally out and I’m pretty pumped about that. I just had some footage sent over to Profile to make a little web video with them. So that should be pretty cool I’m hoping. Nothing too crazy… just some random stuff I’ve been filming around Greenville. Currently just trying to nurse this jacked hand and riding as much as I can without making it worse. 6 months ’til Dew Tour!! haha. I’d really like to go on some trips and do some filming type stuff in the near future but we will see how that comes about.

Future half pipeFuture half pipeUmm...log cabins, eh?Dan on a tractor or somethingFuture half pipe

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