John’s New Jersey Weekend

Here is some news from one of our shoe flow riders, Mr. Ludwig….

Riding in Jersey3 friends and myself drove down to New Jersey last Saturday for the H-town throwdown contest. We met up with a friend at Chili’s upon arriving there and had an amazing dinner; then we went across the street and rode the Shields skatepark, which is pretty small, but so much fun. After riding there for about 4 or 5 hours, we went to some crazy theatre and saw the movie Cloverfield which I had seen the night prior back home in NH.

It is pretty epic, haha. Afterwards we stayed at our friends’ place and went to H-town in the morning on Sunday for the contest. The contest is always fun, the Jersey kids are awesome, the park is old, and really slippery, haha, but still fun none the less. I placed 4th in pro and had a blast the entire weekend.

That night we stayed at my friends house outside Hartford, CT and ate tons of food and relaxed before finishing the 3.5 hour drive home. All in all it was an awesome weekend of friends, riding some bikes, a ton of pretty girls, and good times had by all. Here’s another photo my friend Mike Kuhn took of me at the Shields skatepark on Saturday….
Riding in Jersey

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