Hyams Holiday Update

Kyle Hyams My Holiday season kicked off with the first annual Pro’s and Joe’s event, down in West Palm Beach, FL. It was a fun format where myself and a handful of other pro wakeboarders and wakeskaters led amateur teams through head-to-head heats. I think my team got third. Chris Olesiewicz shot some photos while he was there.

Kyle's clean E36 gen BMW 3 Series Christmas was great – I was a good boy so Santa gave it up real easy. I got some gift cards, moolah, a huge three-piece craftsman toolbox, Beerfest on DVD, a 12pack of Vernor’s ginger soda, and socks. I actually asked for the socks because I wanted some, yeah. My girlfriend Melissa really hooked it up with a rad photo album, a couple of art books, a subscription to a BMW magazine, and a BMW key chain. I’ve been working on mine these past couple of months and plan to slowly work some more, so the mags and new toolbox will come in handy. I included a picture for all you Euro lovers out there… my Corolla FX GT-S with a 20valve is for sale down south, hit me up with an offer.

But, wait, there’s more!

Kyle's got a Christmas tree Ninja Warrior Kyle's New Years Kyle's New Years Kyle Hyams on New Years 2007

Melissa and I didn’t feel like playing bumper cars on New Year’s, so we decided to have some people over at the house with our roommates. It was a fun-filled evening with finger foods, a punchbowl filled with Pat O’Brien’s Hurricane, fondue and cheesecake, Ninja Warrior, a round of Blockus, throwing fireworks at passing traffic, and watching Robbie Maddison skyrocket over a football field on his two-stroke dirt bike. I thought he was going to close line his fiancee/manager after the 1st attempt, but high-fived her instead (Side note: she worked in the snack bar at OWC when I started working there… small world).

Kyle Hyams Next week I’m moving with Melissa and a friend of ours out to Maitland, and it’s on a lake. I’m pretty pumped, but not pumped for the current winter weather. I’m going to try to skate more now that I have some down time, I did today and it was fun. Once the weather warms up I am going to begin filming with Brandon Parker for Volume Wakeskate Videos. That’s it for now… Happy Belated Holidays!

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