Dog gets strapped to handlebars

Catfish in Europe Hey ho there everybody. Happy New Year to you all. I had a wonderful time in the great land of Florida. Words can’t really describe how much I love both the weather and the people of Florida. I waved goodbye to 2007 as Mark Pro-tazny got shot in the balls with a roman candle as he was jumping on a trampoline.


Catfish I got to see a lot of friends and I even went to Disney World with two of the hottest girls ever. Things are looking good for 2008. I am headed over to Estonia for the Simpel Session contest. Me and [Brian Kachinsky] will be holding it down for UGP on the other side of the planet.


Poor dog I don’t have any good pictures as I have been falling on my back all day long in the DK warehouse. Here are two pics from Europe a few months back. I also included a picture of the crappy little girl that used to live next door to me. She would strap her dog to the handlebars of her sweet low rider and cruise the block. What a moron.

P.S. Kyle Finger Banger for President in 2008.

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