Dan Sieg holiday update

Dan Sieg loading up on Red Bull Ho ho ho. So I was browsing the website and thought that I’d put in my two cents as far as how my Christmas went. Currently I’m in Northern Wisconsin at my dad’s place in the middle of 80 acres of woods. No cell phone service, dial up internet and a few feet of snow. But hey…. we have satellite tv and currently the Packers are playing in the background as I type this.

I’m home for a few more days until after the new year and then head back to Greenville for a minute. Quinn is moving out of the house so we can all rejoice as that was my new year’s resolution already being fulfilled. haha…
just kidding. Quinn is awesome.

As far as Christmas is concerned… it was as good as it could be considering the circumstances. It was the first Christmas of my life without my mom being around (she passed away last month from a 13 month battle with cancer.) So needless to say that was a tough hurdle to get over but all in all it was filled with good family and good food. I got the new Leopard operating system for my Mac computer which pretty much kicks ass, a new wireless mouse, and some rad Bose headphones.

Other than that… just being home and dealing with all this snow is a treat. It hasn’t snowed like this up here in years so its pretty fun to shred around on the snowmobiles and take a bit of time off of riding.

Speaking of riding and time off…. I’m pretty certain I broke or fractured a bone in my hand. I was back home a couple weeks ago
riding Jaycee Park and I slammed on something real stupid. I rocked my whole body and bruised both knees and both hands. I assumed it was a bruise but after a few days off I started riding again and it felt fine. Did a show in Chicago last week feeling fine and now it’s somehow getting worse since I’ve been up here. Weird? If it’s not better by the time I go home on the 3rd I will have to go in and get an x-ray I suppose. Finally use that health insurance that just sits dormant in my wallet all year long. So wish me luck!

I’ll be in Milwaukee on the 9th of January doing some car shows at the World Of Wheels car convention. Located in the convention center on the state fair grounds. So if anyone is interested in checking it out… do come! Always some good shows along with good hotel parties and such afterwards.

All this has been going on along with me practicing up on my UFC cage fighting matches on my downtime. Apparently Greenville can get pretty rough from time to time and it never hurts to be prepared and wearing some big two fingered knuckle rings. Cause you just never know.

Hope to have pictures of randomness soon!

Happy Holidays!

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