Tom Haugen’s (painful) update

Tom and his friend from MN, ChadI went to Dallas last month for the LG Championships. Being one of the 20 invited guys for vert I was really looking forward to the event. However, the day before, I was riding in Orlando with [Dave Brumlow] and my back completely went out, leaving me immobile. When I got to the event the next day I couldn’t even drop in. Those of you who have had back pain can attest to the searing pain that can shoot through your body from doing even the most basic things like
standing up.

I saw a chiropractor, my first time, and after putting me in series of positions and jumping on me my life was a slow torture for 2 weeks. Putting socks on took 10 minutes. By this time I was in Minnesota for Thanksgiving. I saw a medical doctor to get x-rays and an MRI; whatever was going on in my back was more than just an ache ibuprofen was going to solve.

Turns out the L2 and L5 in my spine are twisted/rotated. The L5 rests on your hips, thus the shooting pain I was experiencing. After a few sessions of shooting electricity into my back to slowly put my vertebrae back in place I wasn’t contemplating tying a noose anymore.

It’s been over a month now and I’m back to some cautious riding. One month sitting on a couch doesn’t make for too many interesting photos, but here’s one of me and my good friend Chad from MN who I was riding with about 18 years ago, long before most of you were born.

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