Sieg vs the Roiders

Dan Sieg[Dan Sieg] sent me an email the other day about a night out in G-ville for Ali’s bachelor party. I was expecting another story, but wasn’t bummed on what Dan had to say. He mentioned that Ali wanted to go out dancing at some bar that they never go to. The crew, at least 25 riders, all agreed so they went it and it all started.

A mega-muscle roided man instantly had a problem with Dan. Dan mentioned that if he had a problem that he was rollin 25 deep and to think again. Long story short, lots of beer bottles to heads, Dan curled up in a ball, and mayhem. All the riders came out clean and almost untouched. That guy, and his crew, not so good.

It’s weird when you want to have a good time and someone always wants different. Guess the jocks don’t run G-ville like they thought, but I would have to say watch your tires. To all the ladies reading this, Dan’s face is still perfect and ready for Myspace action, bring it.

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