Quinn was on Santa’s A list this year

Hey, what’s up everyone? Hope everyone had a good Christmas and holidays. I’m back in Wisconsin for Christmas. It’s been really cold outside lately since I got up here. I got a ton of cool gifts for Christmas that I’ll be using a lot.

I got some slippers, hat travel case, 3 new hats, Skull Candy headphones, rubik’s cube game, practice golf balls, a putting hole for golf, perfect push ups, chocolate raisins, money cash, and a dress shirt. I’ll be leaving Wisconsin on the 29th or 30th to go to Greenville.

Quinn was on Santa’s A list this year

When I get home I’m moving out of the house where I am now and moving in to Josh Harrington’s house. I’m not to sure what we’re doing for New Years yet. But I’m sure whatever were going to do it will be a good time. Haven’t figured out what my resolution is going to be yet; I’ll let you know as soon as I know.

I then leave on the 2nd and go to Boston for 3 days of car shows, then 2 days of shows in PA, then to Grand Rapids for 3 days of car shows. Get back on the 12th and ride and hangout for my birthday on the 18th. Then have a halftime show on the 19th in WV.Hope everyone has a great new years!

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