News from Kip

I got an email from photographer Cody York who is now working for EXPN.COM and he asked me to do an article on my shoe collection I’ve accumulated over the years. We shot some photos a few months back in which I wore a rare pair of undefeated Nike Dunks and I guess our conversation turned into a semi interview.

Besides having a BIG FOOT and wearing a size 13 on a small flatland frame, I actually have about 60 pair of shoes. I hope to add a pair of the NEW DeGroot UGP shoes to my collection very soon! So for the complete lowdown, stay tuned to the UGP website for a link to the interview, along with some photos of my shoe collection, and maybe even a riding shot or two.

P.S. Oh yeah, I almost forgot! I got the cover of the NEW Rolling Stone!
Rolling Stone

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