Mark at (Fake) Prom

So, the other night we wanted to feel like we were back in high school again and the best idea was to have a PROM PARTY. Everyone had to dress up as nice as they can, which for some people including myself wasn’t that nice.

The girls had dresses on and some guys had dresses on as well cause thats how they fit in more…. Also, everyone had fake names for the night, names that were more jock or popular than our regular boring names. Some names were Troy, Candy, Bailey, Brett, Miley, and I was Trevor. So you can see we were popular for the night. The only crap part was that there was no punch, so no one spiked it.

In other news, I spent all day working on the trails after a bad rainstorm we had that had some jumps under water and now they feel awesome so come ride them.
fake prom party fake prom party fake prom party

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