Karl Poynter

Hardcore SportzI’ve been really busy this past week. Here’s a little insight of what’s been up…. Been busy with our shop, Hardcore Sportz, preparing for Christmas. We are also working on an online store. That should be up sometime this winter.

Kyle and KaileyMy girl Kailey and I just moved into a new apartment which is bigger then the last one. Moving all our stuff into the new place in the snow wasn’t fun at all. Kailey and I are pretty excited about the new apartment though. Once we get everything organized, we plan to get rid of the basic white walls and start painting to give it our touch.

I recently went to a local benefit contest in Dayton, Ohio at an indoor park. The ramps were a lot of fun. More my style for sure. I was one of the judges, so it was a good time watching all the kids ride. I got to meet up with some friends I haven’t rode with in a while. That’s always a plus. In other contest news, I was invited to the X-Games in Dubai, but wasn’t able to make it. Maybe next time.

Beloe shoeIt’s official, I am now a part of Beloe Footwear. I’m really excited about this. The team consists of Jim Cielencki, Nathan Williams, Kevin Kiraly, Sean Sexton, and myself. You can check out Beloe Footwear for photos of the shoes.

That’s all for now. More soon!

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