James Foster update

I’m gtfo dodge Christmas Day, or the day after and driving to Greenville to live in Austin Coleman’s house. And I’m pretty sure it’s gonna be super bad-ass and fun. I still have to
figure out how I’m getting there with two cars, a dirt bike and all my crap. Which is a pretty substantial amount of miscellaneous crap.

I’m gonna try and tow my race car with my van, but first the dude doing the cage in the car has to actually fabricate the cage, then I have to convince him to make a tow hitch for my van, then I have to hope I can somehow get the dirtbike and all my other stuff in
the van, car, and on the u-haul car hauler trailer I plan on renting… should be interesting.

In other news, I have some bike maneuvers I want to attempt to try; we’ll see what happens. I have ideas though and I’m impatient so I wanna do these things. Other than that… bikes are fun, it’s cold, clothes make me warm and look cool. And iPhones are pretty awesome. Attached are photos of: the van I’m gonna attempt to tow the Eclipse with, the Eclipse, the Eclipse’s motor, and Kyle Puceck dresed as Karl from Aqua Teen.

The van I'm gonna attempt to tow the Eclipse with The Eclipse The Eclipse's motor Kyle Pucek dressed as Karl from Aqua Teen

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