Freimuth gets all 70s on us

For Xmas I got a big furry robe, a huge picture frame, a bunch of gift cards (including one for Starbucks, thanx UGP!), and a really sweet digital picture frame (thanx mom)!

Dave sporting Haro gear (Christmas 1985)As far as New Years Resolutions go… I saw this guy on a talk show once and he said to keep your resolutions simple and easily achievable so as to not set yourself up for failure. So, this year I resolve to go to more Packer games, eat more red meat, drink more PBRs, and spend less time worrying about things like my diet, my liver, my finances, and my love-affair with procrastination. See, wasn’t that easy?

Dave, Tom, and Santa (Christmas 1978)Here’s a couple pics of me from Xmas’ past. One of me and my younger brother with Santa from the 70s—yeah I’m that old—and one of me wearing one of my all-time favorite Xmas presents… White and Blue Haro leathers, exactly like Ron Wilkerson used to wear, circa 1985. Ahh, what a simple and beautiful time it was.

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