Brian pledges to have a crash-free 2008

Brian Kachinsky Santa was good to me this year, from gift cards to cash to free massage coupons…I really made out this year. My favorite gift though might be the slippers my mom gave me. They are super simple and straight forward but the sole is made of thick memory foam. I’ve been wearing them non-stop around the house, they keep my hooves toasty warm in this cold, snowy Midwest winter.

Starbucks giftcards keep me warm as well ;) Thanks. My new years resolution is simple but not easy. My resolution is to not crash for all of 2008. I’ve crashed enough since my birth in 1981; I figure this year it’s time to put it to an end. This year I shall pull everything I attempt…first try. I wrecked really hard in California the other day and it put me out for a week due to shoulder
pain. I figured that was a good last wreck for ‘07 until I start my crash-free year.

Wish me luck and I’ll keep you posted! Texas trip next week, hopefully with Milwaukee’s Jeff K…should be fun!

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