Update from Undercover Contest

Nov. 18th was the Undercover Contest in Kimberly, WI. Some buddies and I met up with Micah Kranz and other Milwaukee locals to take the Harley Davidson/Division bus to the contest. It was Koji Kraft, Josh Eilken, Mike Dinello, Dominic Trovato, Brian Fitch, Micah Kranz and myself. Oh and this wild “dude” who knows Micah.

The ride to the contest was wild. Lots of freestyle battles and Swisher Sweets.We showed up in time to enter, which was a suprise. Josh was killing the entire park. He is way too dialed. And Koji was of course killing the box jump. He won, by the way. Mykel from Racine, WI was there doing crazy box jump combos. He tried a front flip over the box and hit the ceiling. I thought he was dead, but he was alright. The results were: Koji winning, Mykel took second and I took 3rd.

Tony Malouf Tony Malouf

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