Kachinsky Arkansas update

Hey y’all

BK's bloody shirt

I just returned from a short trip to Arkansas to do some filming with Stew Johnson. It was a good time but the good was overshadowed by some bad slams and bad luck. I took a few bad ones but came out kind of lucky in hindsight.


The final toll of things that perished (broken) on the trip were: 1 bike part, 1 handrail, my scalp (a hole and 2 staples), 1 shirt, 1 pair of pants, 3 pairs of gloves and 1 knee pad.

Like I said, I came out lucky but overall I think Arkansas had it out for me…haha. Thanks Stew for filming, washing the blood out of my hair and driving me to the hospital. You gotta have the bad ones to appreciate the good ones right? Next trip will be better for sure.

Go Packers,


BK's head injury Brian Kachinsky

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