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Brian Kachinsky

Just been hanging at home since I got back from Baco. Trying to lay low and let my liver get back up to full strength for my birthday! No real celebration plan yet, almost got to go to my first Wisconsin Badgers football game this Saturday but instead I’ll be putting some new windows in our house. Not much of a trade off, but it has to be done.


[Brian Kachinsky] and Andy Kent came up to ride last night. Always a good session when those two are around. I did the biggest wall tap of my life and BK learned manuals to whips, so a rather productive session. Andy almost put a peg through his face but made a narrow escape and still looks as pretty as he did before, although a bit swollen.

2nd Annual Midwest BMX pro/am contest
Here’s a flyer for Jeff K and Dom T’s upcoming Midwest Pro/Am Comp at 4 Seasons Milwaukee in
December. If you’re in the area don’t miss it, the Milwaukee kids own that park and there should be a ton of imported talent from all over the Midwest to entertain you. Including a couple FIBs… like BV and Jaimy Spritzer for sure. I’d love to fill you in on what a FIB is, but the censorship panel at UGP won’t let me get too descriptive with that one.

And don’t miss the Albe’s blog for all of Flip’s photos from Baco 2007 and the Orlando Dew Tour… good stuff.

Later! GO PACK GO!

Oh yeah, we dressed Thompson up as a Lion for Halloween… he’s going to kill us over this one when we’re older. And good luck getting that Packer football away from him.

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