Dan Sieg update

I was going to do a presentation at my little brother and sister’s school. Well, I did it today and it actually went real well. They printed off a bunch of pictures of me from the internet to hand out to the kids and I did 3 presentations for different groups of kids.

They were 1st and 2nd, 3rd and 4th, then 5th and 6th. With a little bonus quick one for the kindergarteners. It was cool, just talked about bike riding, shows, contests, safety and this and that. Had a slide show, some video and plugged UGP for all the little kiddies. Haha.

It’s always cool to do something for the kids, especially when I’m stuck up here in northern Wisconsin with not much to do with my days anyway. Attached are some pictures from the deal. I’m here in Wisconsin until the 26th and then I go home to finally get some good riding in! Updates to come!

Sieg's gradeschool presentation Sieg's gradeschool presentation Sieg and his little sister Sieg and his little sister Sieg after the presentation

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