Chad and Mark in Athens

Mark and Chad

So this was my first time to Athens, GA. I didn’t really know what to expect, just that I heard that there’s amazing food all over the place and some good street spots as well—and both of those rumors were right.


The park in Athens

The trip started out long and slightly cramped up in the Profile pickup truck; it’s pretty big but with 5 guys, no truck is too comfortable for 9 hours of driving. We made do anyway and had a damn good time doing so. The dudes on the trip were: [Chad DeGroot], Matt Coplon, Conall Keenan, Wobley, and myself ([Mark Mulville]). Then we met a few buds out there too, like Kent P., [Aaron Behnke], Tony Cardona and some others….


Everyday we woke up pretty early and got right to it; we would get a little bit to eat then it was non-stop riding from morning till night and then some at night as well. Too many wild things happen riding-wise so I’m not even gonna get to into all that. Well, just say everyone did some pretty damn good stuff, but my favorite thing for sure was Chad and Wobley riding from roof to roof—you had to be there to understand it.

The best parts of the trip were going out at night and all hanging out together in the hotel rooms where everyone was farting to the max—I can’t even count how many farts would pop out in 5 minutes let alone 5 days with all of us and this change of diet that we were on. Eating better food then we eat on most days was the cause, I’m pretty sure. While driving from the hotel to ride and back, it was crazy; we would have to put the windows down every 30 seconds and people were getting sore throats and coughing. It was rough.

The downed truck

So then on Monday we set off from Athens after riding the easy street jumps, which was pretty fun. We got about 2 hours into the drive and Matt C. said he had to take a wiz; we stopped at this small little gas station, did our things, came out, and boom! The truck was screwed. We tried for a few hours to get it started, doing all kinds of different things and nothing worked. we finally ended up getting towed into a town the next exit up and left the truck outside a Chevy dealership where we woke up the next morning early as hell. Got that shit fixed and went home.


There was plenty of things to happen in between all these things but if it was all put in print it would be a small book. THE END.

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Profile trip to AthensProfile trip to Athens
Chad DeGroot and Mark Mulville on a trip with Profile Racing to Athens, GA


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