Volume Wakeskate Video Premiere Tonight

Wakeskate Team Rider [Stef Tor] gave me the inside scoop on the premiere party for Volume Wakeskate Video Magazines upcoming release slash Halloween party.

Looks like dress up is required and it will be held at Spy Bar in downtown Orlando. Tonights premiere will be a teaser for their upcoming release of Issue 6 and will include footage from our very own [Stef Tor]. Head downtown to rub elbows with all the local pros from both wakeskate and wakeboard and see if you can recognize them in their costumes. Chances are it may be the only time you get to see the pros dressed up like women. It never fails, at least one will do it every year. Ya, I’m talking about you [Nick Weinacker]. Thanks for the info [Stef Tor]. (Editors note to Stef: I did your whole name so people will click to go to your bio. Hint, hint viewers.)

Here’s what you can expect in Issue Six.

  • The Pro Spotlight in this issue will go to none other than Nick Taylor.
  • It will be realeased sometime in October and we are planning on having a teaser done by Surf Expo.
  • This issue will include Stop 2 of the Byerly Toe Jam Tour, the Rockstar Cable Jam.

Go to the Volume website.

Here’s a sneak peak.


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