Dan Sieg update

Photo of Dan Sieg

I’ve been gone for about 3 weeks now and have been around quite a bit. I started out flying to SLC for Dew Tour which was amazing. I had one of the best contest runs of my life…. So that was a good start to a long trip.

After parties were OK…. Damn watered down Utah beer makes it almost impossible to get drunk. You just have to piss a lot. From Dew Tour I went down to stay with John Bether’s down in Provo. Needless to say there wasn’t a whole lot going on while I was there.

Did some shows around the Salt Lake area for some middle schools and then finally got the hell out of Utah on our way to Denver for more school shows. Denver is where I’m currently residing until Orlando Dew Tour. Lots and lots of school shows and getting up early but its not bad….the antics in between make it all worth while. Denver also has an abundance of cement skateparks so we’ve been doing our best to hit those up and much as possible.

There actually is a pretty good one right next to Columbine High School that we just managed to stumble upon. Heading to a place called Red Stone right now actually as soon as I’m done typing this. So on that note…I think I am done because I want to go ride!

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