Renee Jaquess, World Champ

I’m super stoked on being the World Champion! It’s definitely my career highlight. My year started off with third at Wake Games, and then a blow to my confidence at Nationals this year when I didn’t even make it to finals. This was the first tournament that I never made a wakeskate finals.

So coming into Worlds I changed my, if I make it to podium I’ll be stoked attituide to, I have to win. Working two jobs every day has made the time on the water near impossible, but getting up right as the sun comes up, getting a set in with French Wakeboard Team rider Paul Herndeaz and then when time allowed stopping by Brandon Thomas/Grubb/Spenser house for a quick pull before I was headed off to the night job again. And just a shout out, if I didn’t have these two people, I wouldn’t have laid it down like I did. Not having time to just ride, BT and I came up with a some tricks to throw together, talked about what ifs, and contest situations that could throw you off your game. And that’s that. I was ready to win. I knew what I had to do to beat the others, and I did.

UGP, Performance Ski and Surf, and The Projects have helped me get to where I am. The Projects created me, they made me the rider I am today. I owe everything to Pat Panakos, he is the older brother I never had. And the Byerly family for always supporting me. Hyperlite picked up my flight to Reno, so THANK YOU. Hopefully in the near future I’ll actually be a Hyperlite team rider! Sweet! Oh, and hopefully my website will be done next week so check it out,


Renee World Champ
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