Props MegaTour Europe

[Catfish], [Quinn Semling], and [Brian Kachinsky] will all be going to Europe for Props MegaTour Europe this coming week.

It’s official! Props MegaTour Europe is happening September 5th13th, 2007

Teams on the first ever European MegaTour are:

  • Bicycle Union
  • DK Bicycles (UGP riders Quinn Semling, Catfish, and Brian Kachinsky)
  • Eastpack
  • Twenty Bike Co.
  • United Bike Co.
  • We The People Bike Co

Talked to Catfish and he was all fired up about this trip. He did mention that it’s going to be weird going on a Europe trip with teams that know where to go. DK’s plan is to see the south of France beaches; they are topless. Stay tuned for more updates from the road.

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