Kyle Hyams Returns From the Desert

Actually, it was the Palm Desert in California. But don’t let the name “Palm Desert” fool you… that place is brutal! The average temperature during my eight-day trip was around 112-113 degrees. The reason I traveled out there was to ride in a couple of shows and do a few demos for BRP’s annual dealer meeting. BRP is Sea-Doo’s parent company. It was a great time, and I also witnessed some different scenery than what I’m used to.

For 2008, Sea-Doo is introducing an optional ballast system for all of their PWCs that utilize the same platform on their Wake Edition watercraft. The system holds enough weight to simulate a second or third passenger on the vessel. The result is an awesome, clean wake that can help boost your inside-out tricks. And for all you strappers out there, going wake-to-wake is simple — just shorten your rope length.

So log onto BRP’s web site and check out their press release for the ballast system. For now, check out these shots I took while I was out in the desert. A big thanks also goes out to Tim, Cody, and the rest of the Watertop Unlimited crew for the good times and great hospitality.

Kyle Hyams California Trip
Kyle Hyams California Trip

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