Kyle Bennett wins his 2nd #1 title in 2007

Photo of Kyle Bennett

Excerpt from — [Kyle Bennett] may just be the best Pro rider in BMX right now. After missing the start of the 2007 Season after having major surgery on his knee, Kyle came back in April in a big way, with some impressive results, including a slew of wins. Kyle was very consistent in his NBL season and would just be able to get the needed number of races after the last NBL pro series event, leaving him in the #2 spot.


In the end of July, Kyle capped of his overwhelmingly impressive season with winning the UCI World Title for a 3rd time. Coming into the Grands, the weekend capped off with the UCI event on Friday night, and Kyle showed what he planned to do all weekend, by winning the main event in decisive fashion.

On Saturday night, Kyle easily made it into the Elite Main event and the year long title quest would be decided by the one lap main event, as Cristian was in the main as well. As the gate dropped, Kyle held the slimmest of leads over Cristian and the two were side by side for the entire lap. Down the last strait away, Kyle pulled out a small lead by jumping a triple jump that no one was doing and this was the edge he needed to beat Cristian by half of a bike length at the line.

Kyle and Cristian would tie in year end points, the first time in NBL history, but the tie was broken by the Grands main event, handing Kyle his 3rd NBL #1 Pro title. This makes 2 #1 Pro titles for Kyle in 2007 and now he has his sights set on being part of Team USA for the 2008 Olympic Games. With the determination he showed this season, he cannot be denied!

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