Haugen and Brumlow in Mexico, Part II

Jay, Tom, and Dave

Fresh back from the trip the the Mexico X-games. Tommy “(double) tailwhip” Eggelston and I were roomates and amigos on this one. Trip started out good from the get-go. Soon as we get there we try to get a cab to the hotel. After a little bartering from the cab companies we are on our way. The drivers are some of the worst drivers ever. Making 2 lane roads into 3 lanes with a plenty of motorcycles weaving in and out. Our driver was also nice enough to to share his stash of porn magazines with us.

We get to the hotel just in time to miss practice but the cerveza was waiting. Usual contest antics at the hotel bar and lobby ensue. The next was vert prelims and street practice. The prelims went down with two 45 second runs, top ten to finals. Quailified 6th. Friday night drinking begins; I enjoyed some nice imported beer, Bud-light. Pizza Hut delivery man on his motorcycle was nice enough to let me ride his motorcycle while he went into some building to make his delivery, at least I think he said it was OK to ride it. Just rode it up and down the sidewalk for a bit. Fun fun….

Saturday was finals, the comp was run in heats with a jam format with heats of 3. This was a new format and I like it. Ended staying in 6th place. Mr. Tabron won so he treated a few us for dinner and drinks—thanks again Simon. After that Tom and I head to the beer store. On the way back I was enjoying a nice cold one wearing the nacho libre mask. The police thought it would be nice to try to arrest me for drinkng in public. Fuck!! After trying to get me into the car for 10 minutes or so an interpreter comes to help. 400 pesos later ($40) I was left alone, even got my beer back. Back to the hotel and to bed, had to get up at 4am to fly home. In Mexico don’t drink the water and keep away from the muggers, I mean cops. Next stop for me, Salt Lake Dew tour as a judge. Will keep you posted.

Haugen and Brumlow in Mexico
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