Dew Tour update

Quinn and Catfish want to look like this...

First Dew update. First off, [Quinn Semling] has a pretty sweet mustache in the works and [Catfish] is right behind him. [Dan Sieg] has stalked every Mormon on Myspace in an attempt to find a companion.

James Foster qualifying 1st at Salt Lake Dew Tour

As for the riding, vert and dirt prelims have gone down. [Tom Haugen] was the only UGP rider in vert. He rode good and ended his run with one of the hardest lip-tricks on vert, toothpick to full barspin. In dirt, the newest member of the UGP squad, James Foster quailfied first! Started his run with a triple whip to double whip to turndown and flip turndown the last set. Pretty big run for the smallest guy in the comp. Vert and dirt finals are tonight, then the UGP dinner. Upate you tommorow.

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