Brian Kachinsky Update from Props Megatour

Summer never seems to end which is a good thing in my book. I’m currently typing this in the airport as I leave for the Salt Lake City Dew Tour stop. My most recent trips included sunny southern California and almost the entire west coast followed by a two week trip to Europe for Megatour courtesy of DK and Props. The trip was incredible and eye-opening. I got to spend almost two weeks with [Catfish], [Quinn Semling], Nina, B-hunt and Brett Walkertexasranger. Walter and Fudger also joined us and rounded out a perfectly rowdy crew (with a dash of bad luck thrown in there).

Highlights for me were Brussels, the Netherlands, the legendary Dusseldorf University and Wuppertal, Germany. I can’t wait to see the video when it comes out. If the other teams rode nearly as much cool stuff as we did it’s going to be an epic video. For every bratwurst or sausage there is in Germany there is most likely a transition of equal or greater value nearby. I have spent over three weeks in Europe over the past two months and I must say I’m anxious to go back. Thanks DK for a great trip! Check out the video when it comes out (probably later this year or early next year).

Photo of BK in Europe Photo of BK in Europe

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