Kip Williamson at Mid West Flat Jam 2007

Last January I got an email with word on the 2nd annual Mid West Flat Jam going down in Indianapolis, Indiana in mid July. Since I usually make one trip per year back to my home state, I figured this would be a great time to do some riding, go to a killer event, see my parents, and remind myself why I don’t live in Indiana anymore! Things worked out for me schedule-wise, so I was on my way to the corn fields of Indiana.

This year the event was held inside a large hockey rink, and fans blew cooler air inside as we rode all day on the glossy floor! I’ve ridden over potholes in contest areas over the years, so this surface was almost too perfect! I didn’t know what the hell to do!

Old school and new school dudes were all busting side by side, and taking advantage of an actually flat surface! Andy Cooper, [Aaron Behnke], Roman Schiavarelli, Scott Sharpe, Ron Monis, Steve Mulder, and Perry Mervar were just a few names you might recognize from over the years. Everything from grip rides to 360 bike flips were seen around the rink. Since we got to the event after 12 noon, we were able to stay a little longer than most.

UGP donated some dope free stuff and you could see what seemed like half of the riders rocking UGP gear! Everyone was psyched on the quality goods including hats, t-shirts, and socks! Wristbands would have come in handy, but I guess Kyle gave the last 2,000 pairs away before the event! Nobody knew what they were missing anyway, as the temperatures we fairly mild for a Midwestern summers day!

The best part of my trip came at an unforseen time. We showered up at Andy Cooper’s house in downtown Indy, and decided to ride bikes to the bar. Instead of risking our flatland bikes to the wolves, Aaron Behnke and I enjoyed a late night ride around downtown Indy on an antique tandem bike! If you’ve never ridden a two seater, you have to try it! Aaron was at the helm steering that bad boy and I was on the back helping with the pedal power as we cruised the dark alleys of the night life scene. It felt like a ride at an amusement park, but add the danger of crashing into anyone and anything at anytime. I was even able to make up a new superman move I’ve yet to name. I would stand by a group of people and tell them I was going to levitate. In the meantime Aaron would take off get about 15 feet from me and I would get a running start and dive onto the bike that was already moving, causing more sketchiness than necessary! The seat was a bit loose too, which didn’t help matters but made things interesting to say the least! It was amazing fun, and honestly, I haven’t laughed that much on a bike ever. Aaron was grumbling and laughing at the same time which added to the enjoyment of the ride!

I hope to go back next year for the 3rd annual MidWest Flat Jam, but only if Aaron and I get to ride the tandem bike to the bar!

Peace out!


Aaron Behnke and Kip Williamson riding an antique tandem bike Aaron Behnke and Kip Williamson riding an antique tandem bike Andy Cooper Steve Mulder Mid West Flat Jam 2007 group photo Kip Williamson Steve Mulder Aaron Behnke Perry Mervar grip ride Roman Schiavarelli no hands Schiavarelli no foot hand hang

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