Freimuth, Quinn and co at Summerfest


So in the last month or so I caught up with both [Quinn Semling] and [Tony Malouf] doing Summerfest shows with the Division team and [Dan Sieg] doing shows at Sawdust Days in Oshkosh, WI for GT.

I always forget how good BMX shows and demos can be. The Division Team at Summerfest is always amazing. They’ve been at it for no less than 5 years now and have their shit dialed. The set-up couldn’t be better at Summerfest either… bleacher seating, great lights for night shows, and a rowdy crowd fueled to the gills with tons of overpriced alcohol. How much better could it get? Not to mention the constant stream of of-age and definitely under-age groupies that seem to constantly rotate in and out. The GT shows in Oshkosh weren’t much different. The level of riding was again ridiculous and the crowd was again well lubricated.

Here’s a couple pics of what went down. If you ever get a chance to catch any of these guys showing off for very little pay I highly suggest you do it.



Summerfest Summerfest Summerfest

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