Fonz at Projekt Revolution

I went down to Miami for the weekend and to check out Projekt Revolution, the Linkin Park-led festival that’s been going down this summer. There were a lot of emo kids wearing black, and it must’ve been at least 110 degrees out, so do the math–the ambulance was coming back and forth pretty much all day.

For those of us who could brave the Florida heat, the concert festival was great. I was there mostly for the antics of Little Jimmy Urine (with a name like that…) and the rest of the Mindless Self Indulgence crew, venerable Brit-rockers Placebo, and of course, Linkin Park. H.I.M. and My Chemical Romance tried too hard to be rockstars, in my opinion, and weren’t.

Overall, a great, if damned hot, day. Here are a few photos I took at the show:

Placebo playing on the main stage at Projekt Revolution Linkin Park playing the first song in their set behind a veil (A lot of) fans Mindless Self Indulgence headlining the second stage at Projekt Revolution Mindless Self Indulgence Linkin Park

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