Adam Banton update… for real this time

Umm, I sent you text for my update. Here it is again… just so you don’t think I’m as stupid as stupid is.

Greetings to every one in the cyber world. The last 2 months have been slower for me and that is a very good thing. I was lucky enough to make it to Whistler again for the Red Bull Elevation comp. Its the best comp to go to and chill and enjoy an amazing town and weekend. After that I met up with Will Stroud and filmed with him in Vancouver for a week for the new Odyssey video “Electronica”. It was a good tirp but I was a little tired of filming at the end.

So, I went back to Lake Tahoe to rest and cold kick it then to meet up with Rob Wise, Kelly Bolton and Brian Purdy to drive out to Salt Lake City, Utah. We checked the weather to find out it was 100 degrees everyday. So we changed our route to Reno, San Fran, and the greater Tahoe area. After riding some amazing tranny walls (secret, shhhhh) I was back in Tahoe to chill then only to miss my flight to Cleveland for the Dew Tour and film with Will at Chenga new.

I was due for a flight screw up, it had been too long since I had missed one. No big deal, after 2 hours on the phone with American Airlines, I was stuck in Reno until the next week, where it’d be too late to meet up with Will. So we scratched the whole trip and I drove up to a friend’s house, where I chilled until the Odyssey filming trip to L.A./San Diego took place. Good times and a productive trip that was as well. Now I’m back in Tahoe. resting for 2 weeks then I’m back at it.

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