Aaron Behnke update from NYC


Brooklyn Bridge

Last weekend I went to NYC with my lady to visit a friend in Brooklyn. We were there for four days so I brought my bike and did some riding. The city is a pretty wild place to ride around. There is so much happening at one time. The traffic, heat, crazy people everywhere and a lot of spots to ride. I ran into a crew of guys from somewhere upstate NY riding the Chinatown trannys. That spot is as fun as it is busy with people.

Next stop was the Brooklyn Banks and it was packed with people. There was a skate contest going down. I went back there the next morning and it was basically empty. This was my first time to the banks and it was better than I thought it would be. Consider yourself lucky if that is a local spot to you.

Other random things from our trip was running into Jim C. of Sunday bikes at the banks two times, seeing Darryl Nau cruise up next to me while on a ten speed while riding down the street in Williamsburg. We even got to see a free Ted Leo show at an Olympic sized pool filled with Williamsburg’s hipsters. Strange but good.

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