Aaron Behnke Update

I’ve taken a few quick trips lately. I went to Columbus, Ohio a few weeks back and rode the Ohio State Campus. Campus was pretty fun until a few police cars rolled up and stopped the fun. If you go there, do not park on campus. If the campus police show up, just haul ass off campus. After that we went to the Props rock-n-roll tour at The Flow. The Flow is really good and so was the band Thunderlip.

The next weekend I went to ride street in Philly with my boys Matt and Eric from Morgantown. We met up with Brian Tunney and cruised all around Philly. There is a lot of good stuff to ride around there and we ran into a big group of guys riding from Long Island. The next weekend I took an unplanned trip to Indianapolis to check out the Midwest Flatland Jam. I met up with UGP rider [Kip Williamson] and stayed with the legendary Indiana flatland rider Roman. The jam was pretty mellow with decent rider turnout. There were riders all the way from Florida to Canada. UGP was well represented by quite a few riders rocking some shirts. Cool to see that. Kip wrote a story about the jam.

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