Mountain Dew Supporting Wakeskating

Check out Mountain Dew’s MDTV page and watch the video clip “Wakeskating”. UGP riders Ryan Doyle and Renee Jaquess showcase their mad skills while rocking out in not only UGP’s sick clothes and stylish board-shorts but the new kick ass Wakeskate shoes.

The clip was filmed out at the legendary Projects! Also, featuring Brandon Thomas, Reed Hanson and Matt Manzarri. Really this is one of the best videos that says, “Hey look this is a legit sport and look how NARLY it has become!” So don’t forget to rate it at the end and keep wakeskating in the eyes of the Dew.

Check out more on Renee Jaquess and Ryan Doyle at the Also Oh yeah, and Doyle all-white signature shoes, got to get a pair!

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