Chris Yeo at the 1st Downtown Singapore Rail Jam

Here are a few photos of UGP wakeboarder Chris Yeo at the 1st Downtown Singapore Rail Jam last month, as well as a press release with some background on this new event.

Chris Yeo
Chris Yeo

Singapore wakeboarder

Press release:

1st Downtown Singapore Rail Jam to be held at Ngee Ann City, Singapore

The development of the high-speed, gas-powered winch is one of the latest and most exciting progressions in wakeboarding’s young history. It has given riders the ability to take their sport to the streets with the use of portable pools, hitting rails & sliders while pulled by a winch. Called a Rail Jam, this is action sports up-close, very in-your-face and is as exciting for the riders as it is for spectators.

Sliding or grinding on rails has been a part of wakeboarding for the past few years but until now it has all happened behind a boat or PWC on a lake or ocean. Now, instead of watching the riders from 100 metres away on the shore, spectators are just a few metres from the action.

The 1st Downtown Singapore Rail Jam will be held on Saturday, June 16th, 2007 at Ngee Ann City and organized by the Singapore Waterski & Wakeboard Federation (SWWF).

The Rail Jam will be held in conjunction with the Singapore Sports Council’s Adventure Singapore that will feature a FMX Show, Rock Climbing and a music-inspired Skate Jam.

Entry: By Invitation Only

Division: Wakeboard
Obstacle: Table Top (30 feet long)
Pool Dimensions: Launch Pool (50 feet long x 30 feet wide x 20″ deep) & Landing Pool (20 feet long x 40 feet wide x 20″ deep)
Cash Purse: SGD2,000.00

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