Today in Russia, Sportacademia is expanding its opportunities. Established in 1998 and formerly known as Veloimperia, Sportacademia is making amazing progress. Many years of experience in the bicycle industry have made it possible to combine summer and winter sports and, at the same time, offer a unique selection of street and casual apparel. Sportacademia offers a wide variety of clothes, bicycles, parts, snowboards, skies and other accessories. Sportacademia is shaping the future of Russian sports by sponsoring mountian bike competitions and actively promoting and supporting its riders.

Sportacademia photo

On the 23-24th of December our riders Pavel Alehin and Maxim Antipov took part in the winter competition ALIEN WINTER KAT 2006 in St. Petersburg. Recently a nice park opened in St. Petersburg and is probably the best winter park in Russia. Good ramps and a foam pit confirms the nice quality of the park. Our riders were supported by us and took the opportunity to enter the contest. This event was organized by the Alien Bike, Spormaster, Alpindustry, Maximum, Velomania, and Bitter Pepper. Proper organization and Olympic style scoring resulted in a well run event. Many guys from different parts of Russia took part in this competition and everyone was hyped to ride. Here’s the Results:


  • 1. Belevskiy Aleksandr (Velomir)
  • 2. Pavel Alehin cherish (Vishneviy) (Sportacademia) – Moscow
  • 3. Donskoy Anrdrey Bitter pepper” Gorkiy perez – St. Petersburg


  • 1. Terentiev Pavel (vox, ?????.net, samokat) – St. Petersburg
  • 2. Grishin Danya
  • 3. Smirnih Lesha Naykvist – Moscow

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